Key system for arrivals outside office hours.

Click here and print these instructions and ring Gemini Court Holiday Apartments (telephone number 1800 636 036) the day of your arrival to obtain the key safe security code. If you have provided your mobile number we will even sms you the security code (Australian Mobiles Only). If you can't contact us prior to arrival you can reach the manager on the intercom from the building:

Your security code

# _____ _____ _____ _____

If you require assistance dial 9# from the intercom pannel or from your apartment dial 9. The after hours manager can also be reached on 0433 777 742.

On arrival at the reception entrance (first driveway at Gemini Court) on Hayle Street, walk through the front door. Before the locked security door on the ledge on the right you will see a safe with a white letter box above it.

To open the safe

Enter the security code and press “A” - turn the dial and open the safe. Select the envelope with your name on it. Inside it you will find a welcome letter giving some information about the property, an instruction sheet on how to access your apartment and your apartment key. On the reverse of the letter is a map to help you find your car space. We request that you complete check-in formalities the day after your arrival.

Please close the safe after collecting your envelope by closing the door and turning the dial.

Entry without a vehicle

Pass the blue swipe key across black reader box beside the security door. The front door will unlock. Enter. Walk through the hallway and up the stairs to the lifts.
If you are staying in the south tower (as indicated on the welcome letter) take the lift to the ground floor. Turn right from the lift and walk to reception. Exit the north tower and walk passed the pool to the south tower. Once inside the south tower walk passed the vending machines to the lifts and take the lifts to your apartment.
If you are staying in the north tower take the lift directly to the floor of your apartment.

Entry with a vehicle from the car park

There are three car parks in Gemini Court. Your welcome letter will indicate which car park and parking space is allocated for your apartment. Your keys will also indicate the car park and parking space number. For Car Park 1 simply continue to the entrance of the south tower turn in (left) and enter. For car parks 2 and 3 drive passed this entrance and turn left up short street. You will see car park 2 on your left followed by car park 3. Use the blue swipe key to open the roller door located on the drivers side. Please park in the designated spot shown on your welcome letter and on your key chain. The entrance to the south tower is closest to the car park entrance, and the entrance to the north tower is furthest from the car park entrance. Enter the tower using your key swipe and take the lift to the floor of your apartment.

Enjoy your stay and we will look forward to seeing you the morning following your arrival to officially check in.