Whale watching at Gemini Court Holiday Apartments

Every year in May, people flock to Gemini Court Holiday Apartments Burleigh Heads accommodation to take advantage of the wonderful, balmy sun-filled days and the gorgeous ocean-view balconies from which it’s not uncommon to see whales swim by.

Burleigh Heads accommodation - Gemini Court Holiday Apartments

Sightseers regularly gather on Burleigh Headland to watch these majestic creatures frolic and play, but our guests have front row seats without having to leave their self-contained apartment!

Burleigh Heads accommodation

Whales commonly pass by Burleigh Heads between May and November as they trek first north to their breeding grounds and then south with their new brood.

Humpback whales are warm-blooded mammals that breathe air and give birth to live young whom they nurse.  Every year at least 7,000 whales migrate to the sub-tropical waters of Eastern Australia to give birth passing by Burleigh Heads, much to the excitement of guests at Gemini Court Holiday Apartments.

For a closer look, Gemini Court can organise a whale watching cruise, with pick up and drop off direct from your Burleigh Heads accommodation to the boat.  It’s fun to watch these beautiful creatures play.  Humpback whales are friendly, curious creatures that frequently perform spectacular serial leaps, breaching and slapping the water.  They also sing long, complex songs to everyone’s delight.

Burleigh Heads accommodation - Gemini Court Holiday Apartments

Staying in one of our beautifully kept, self-contained units with incredible views is always a relaxing, fun holiday but let the friendly staff at Gemini Court Holiday Apartments help you book an awesome close encounter of the giant sea-creature kind that you’ll never forget!

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